Adding Pricing for Your Publications

Adding Pricing for Your Publications Create public or private product bundles at varied price levels Jay Khandke

Once your publication has been added to the Pressboard Marketplace, you’ll need to add pricing so that advertisers can purchase content from you. Pricing packages are created at the organization level and can be applied to as many publications as you'd like. Pricing packages can also be made 'private' so they do not appear on your public Marketplace profile.

Note: Before adding pricing packages you'll need to add products to your account

To add pricing packages:

  1. Click on your User profile and click on 'Admin Settings' 
  2. On the 'Marketplace' tab, click on 'Pricing Packages'
  3. Click ‘New Pricing Package
  4. Name your pricing package descriptively and include a short summary of what it includes
  5. If you would like this package to only be available as an add-on item (e.g. a single Instagram post intended to accompany a piece of branded content) then select 'Add On' 
  6. If you would like this package to be made private (i.e. it is available for purchase but is not visible on your public profile) then select 'Hide in public marketplace'
  7. Select the publications that are enabled to sell this pricing package
  8. Select all of the products you would like included in this pricing package and assign a price to each item 
  9. Click ‘Add’ in the top right corner to add the pricing package to your       Marketplace profile 

You may edit your pricing packages at any time by clicking the pencil icon next to a package on the Pricing Packages tab.

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