Adobe Setup Instructions

Below you'll find a guide on how you can retrieve the credentials needed to finalise your Adobe Analytics connection.

The admin in your organization can manage all OAuth Server-to-Server credentials by visiting the Adobe Admin Console

OAuth Server-to-Server credentials

We use this method of authentication to authenticate with the Adobe Analytics API and pull reporting data for your website. It's what allows the application to call Adobe services on behalf of your enterprise. Full setup instructions are found in Adobe developer documentation here. 

❗Note,  steps detailed under section "Generate access tokens" can be ignored.

Upon completing this step you should have access to your Client ID and Client Secret.

Connect a service

You should be able to select from a range of supported APIs and service to add them to your project. Proceed to add "Adobe Analytics" API. 

Credentials needed in Pressboard: 

Specifically, you'll need to get your Client ID (also referred to as an API Key) and Client Secret from the Adobe Developer Console.

To retrieve Company ID : Analytics > Admin > All admin > Company settings > Web Services or API Access

To retrieve RSID (Report Suite ID): Analytics > Admin > All admin > Report suites