Connecting Pressboard's Javascript Code to Your Publication [Enterprise Subscriptions]

Connecting Pressboard's Javascript Code to Your Publication Pressboard's JavaScript code pulls content data into the platform and activates the sponsorship message (if applicable)

Once you post the article’s live URL in a given campaign, the Pressboard platform automatically serves the relevant sponsorship message (“Presented by” and footer) onto that URL, if applicable, and begins to track data within the platform.

For this to work, Pressboard's code needs to be added to all sponsored article pages:

  1. Click on your User profile in the top-right corner, then click on 'Admin Settings
  2. Click on the ‘Data Sources’ tab 
  3. Click on 'Pressboard Analytics', then click on the Code icon which looks like this (<...>) for additional instructions.

Copy both the JavaScript and Scroll Depth tag (sponsorship footer tag) to the template of the article pages in your CMS, as described in the platform (Note: You must have access to your publication’s CMS article template in order to complete this step).

If both pieces of code are placed as instructed on the article page of an active campaign , the platform will say 'Code detected'. If there are no pages being actively measured, the Javascript will remain dormant and the platform will state: 'Code not detected'. 



Now that you've implemented the Pressboard javascript and Scroll depth tag on your sponsored content, you're all set to create new campaigns and measure performance.

Next Step: How to Create Campaigns and Activate Analytics

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