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*NEW* Custom Component 101

How to add image previews, rich text and results from external non-supported data sources in Custom Reports

Pressboard Studio supports a wide variety of external data sources such as Facebook / Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Nativo and more. For every popular platform integrated into Pressboard, there exist dozens more that are used similarly by our wide client base. 

In lieu of an integration for every niche platform, Pressboard Studio Users can utilize the Report Component titled "Custom Component" to:

  • Manually input performance results from data sources into tables or as rich text. Examples: Download CSV from Vimeo or MailChimp and copy + paste into a excel style table with formatting capabilities  
  • Upload screenshots or any other creative asset images (must be a web hosted image) to appear as a preview in the Custom Component
  • Add context and insights (rich text) as introductions to various sections of your Share URL

Please review this video demonstrating the above examples in action: 


We hope you enjoy using the Custom Component. Please reach out to your Customer Success representative to address any issues or provide feedback.


Thank you!