External Data Syncs schedule

Here is the schedule of triggered syncs for each data source.

For every new report created a "first run" sync is initiated for the campaign lifetime up to midnight UTC of the previous day followed by scheduled syncs triggered every 24 hrs, unless an alternate interval is defined. Report data is updated with the previous 24 hrs slice of data up to midnight UTC.  

For the majority of data sources, we sync data at an interval of once daily. Times in UTC below are intended to act as a guide only and are subject to change. 


  • Pressboard Analytics: every hour at 10" after the hour 
  • Pressboard Links: every hour at 10" after the hour 
  • Adobe Analytics: 2:30PM UTC daily
  • AdMedia: 8pm UTC daily 
  • Ceros Universal Analytics: every hour at 15" after the hour 
  • Google Analytics UA: every 12 hrs daily 
  • Google Analytics 4: every 12 hrs daily 
  • Google Ad Group: 12pm UTC daily
  • Google Ads Manager: 11:25 am UTC daily 
  • MOAT: 1pm UTC daily 
  • FB Posts: 8:30 am UTC daily 
  • FB Ad Sets: every 24 hours (for last 2 days of data)
  • IG Posts: 12pm UTC daily
  • IG Reel: 12:30pm UTC daily
  • IG Story: 24 hours after publish time (when story expires) 
  • LinkedIn Ads: 1:30pm UTC daily 
  • Nativo: 1am UTC daily 
  • NEXD: 2:30pm UTC daily
  • Pinterest: 2pm UTC daily
  • Polar MediaVoice: 6am UTC daily 
  • Sailthru: 4pm UTC daily 
  • StackAdapt: 3pm UTC daily
  • Storied Video: every hour at 10" after the hour 
  • TikTok Ad Group: 1pm UTC daily
  • Twitter: 10:30am UTC daily
  • YouTube Video: - 

📍More sync schedules for the below more recently added Integrations will be updated shortly: 

  • AdYouLike
  • Apple News
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mailchimp
  • Iterable 
  • Jetpack
  • ResponsiveAds
  • Taboola
  • SeenThis