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Platform Update - November 2020

'Reports' tab simplified, Pressboard Links set-up made easier and a new Facebook Report Component (in Custom Reports)

In this latest release, there are three major highlights that all platform Users should be aware of.

Please watch the 5 minute recap video directly below or feel free to read through descriptions of the changes itemized further below:




  1. Reports - NEW work-flow when adding Analytics sources

Users must now add individual Analytics sources (#1 in screenshot below) to your story's reporting dashboard, as needed.

Each Analytics source can then be expanded (#2 in screenshot) individually to observe the results of various URLs/Posts/Ad Sets, etc, within each integration respectively.

Users can also choose to 'Expand All' or 'Collapse All' (#3) which automatically expands or collapses ALL Analytics source's results which have been added to a Story's Reports tab.   

Other notable updates include: 'Date added' marker, Cover or post image preview (where available) and Destination URL preview (Pressboard Links).

Updates to Reports tab


2. Pressboard Links - New button to easily copy converted links

Users can now click the 'Copy Trackable URL' link icon once a Pressboard Link has been created, which will copy the converted link ("sr.studiostack.com") to your clipboard. The copied link can then be pasted into a document, email or directly into your CMS for implementation at the article level (or any environment for which you have created the link in order to track Clicks).

Copy Trackable URL button-1


3. 'Facebook Posts'  - NEW Custom Report component

The 'Facebook Posts' Report component in Custom Reports allows Users to aggregate / combine the Paid and Organic Impressions across each Facebook post that Users have added to a story's Reporting dashboard.

If there are multiple Facebook posts added to each story and there are several stories in a campaign, the 'Facebook Posts' report component will display an aggregate of Impressions, Unique Impressions, Clicks & Unique Clicks across every story's Facebook Posts as well as aggregating paid versus organic results for each individual post.

See example below: 

Facebook Posts Report component 

We hope you find value in this round of platform updates!

Please reach out to our Customer Success team if you have any questions or would like to schedule a training session to go through any of the updates that are a part of this release (release went live Nov 11, 2020). 


On behalf of the Pressboard team,