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Pressboard Analytics API dimensions and metrics

Learn about the dimensions and metrics that appear in your Pressboard Analytics campaign reports, report components and widgets.


Dimension What it is
campaignId Unique identifier of a campaign created in Pressboard
campaignName Name of the campaign. The campaign acts as a container for your Stories and their associated reports 
storyId ID of the specific Story in the campaign which can contain multiple report types
storyName Title applied to the Story in Campaign 
reportId ID of the report type added to a Story e.g Pressboard Analytics URL = 1
reportUrl Page URL added to Pressboard report in the Story / Campaign 
country Country where Page URL / content was viewed by  target audience
region Region where page URL / content was viewed by target audience
city City where URL / content was viewed by  target audience
deviceType Device from which user activity originated e.g Phone, Desktop
trafficSource where traffic to the page URL originates e.g Referral, Facebook 

Metric What it is
reads Total number of times the page URL was loaded
uniqueReads Number of page loads by an individual user (based on device and IP fingerprinting)
averageAttentionSeconds Time in seconds actively spent on-page based on an average across all readers
totalAttentionSeconds Total time in seconds actively spent on the Page URL / content 

Calculated based on an aggregate of the scroll depth data collected from all users.

The scroll depth tag is placed on-page to delimit length of the content on page and measure how much of the page was viewed. expressed as %.