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Sponsored Footers

Add campaign messaging or a call to action to the end of your articles with Sponsored Footers

Sponsored footers give you the option to add a “Presented by” logo, which appears at the beginning of the article, as well as a “footer”, which appears at the end of the article. The footer includes an image and brand messaging, as in the example below. Your completed sponsorship can be used by all stories in the campaign, or you can create a new one for each story.

Example footer:


Sponsored Footers

How to add a Sponsored Footer to an article:

As shown in the video above, Sponsored Footers are created and added to an article through the Edit Story > Details > Sponsored Footers Section and can also be created or edited from the Edit Campaign > Assets > Sponsored Footers Section

There are two features within Sponsored Footers;

  1. The "Presented By" feature: This allows you to easily disclose the sponsor of a story, beneath the headline.

    NOTE: If you would like to use this portion of the feature please contact your Pressboard Account Representative for the required code implementation.
  2. The Sponsorship Footer: This is the image and copy that is dynamically inserted into the bottom of an article. This is inserted via the <div> tag available in Admin > Data Sources > Pressboard Analytics


The fields to complete when creating a footer are:


  • Name – Add a name for your footer. This will be for your own reference
  • Link – Add the URL link you would like your ‘Presented by’ logo and ‘Footer’ to click through to and will be tracked in your reports


  • Upload your brand’s logo by clicking the ‘Logo’ box (Maximum file size is 1 MB, horizontal orientation preferred, will be proportionately resized to 40px tall)
  • Sponsored By – Add your brand’s name in case the logo cannot be added to a story page


  • Upload your footer image – This image will appear in the footer message at the end of the article. This can be a logo, a product shot, a photo or image that best accompanies the footer message (Maximum file size is 1 MB. It can vary in dimensions, however our maximum recommended dimensions are 200px x 175px)
  • Add footer copy – This can include text, hyperlinks and basic formatting