Campaign Members Permissions Matrix

A guide to three distinct levels of permissions at the account level for the 'Standard' user role.


In Pressboard there are two levels of user roles & permissions, those at the Account level and those at the Campaign. You can hold a 'Standard' role and be added as an 'Owner' to a Campaign. As and Admin of the account you can add a Standard user to any Campaign; you'll be prompted to define their permissions along with actions they can perform outlined below.



Report Viewer 



Manage Campaign 


Pin Campaign


Add new Story 


New Custom Report


Export Reports


Edit Brief


Delete Campaign 


Archive Campaign 

Pin Campaign 

Filter Campaigns list 

View Report/s 

Add Report/s


Delete Report/s


Edit Story


Delete Story 


Goal Tracking 

Add Goal/s


Filter Goals 

View Members of Campaign


Add / Edit Members 


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