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Branded Content Benchmarks

A guide to our Benchmark reports you can use to compare your own content performance to the industry.

Each year the Pressboard Team publishes industry relevant benchmark reports specific to publishers who use Pressboard. The insights are based on an anonymized aggregate of all Pressboard clients' activity. Teams using Pressboard do not have access to this data in their respective accounts but can run internal benchmarking based on their own data using Widgets & Dashboards.

See links below to published reports for reference and check out the logo soup on Pressboard home-page to get a sense of the types of publishers who use Pressboard.

All Reports 2020 - 2023

2023 | Full Year Report 2023

💫 2023 | Mid-Year Report

💫  2022 | Full Year Report

💫 2021 | Full Year Report

Produce your own benchmarks

We encourage you to use Data Explorer Widgets to generate your own branded content benchmarks as early as you start collecting data in your Pressboard account. You can leverage these in Custom Reports and other communication pieces  to elevate the conversation with people in your business and brand partners.

Speak to your Customer Success Manager for guidance or refer to our tooltips article HERE