Google AMP; How to get Pressboard Analytics

To get Pressboard Analytics on Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages requires a custom Pressboard script to be implemented

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages product (AMP) is a way to deliver faster loading mobile content experiences when web audiences are using a Google search on their smartphones.

AMP typically removes most scripts and ads from the page that's being displayed, so in order to get Pressboard Analytics on Google AMP content, a different set-up (below) is required.


Please implement the below script to your Google AMP sponsored content template:

<amp-analytics type="pressboard" config="[Media ID]&ref=CANONICAL_URL&rand=RANDOM"></amp-analytics>
Once set-up, your Pressboard Analytics should include AMP engagements ("Reads") as well. 
Please reach out to your Pressboard Customer Success rep if you are experiencing any issues with implementation.
Thank you,
Pressboard team