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Labels at Story level - January 2021 Update

In preparation for the Data Explorer feature, Pressboard has created the ability to tag stories with "Labels", eventually allowing Users to create their own benchmarks filtered by any additional dimensions such as Category, Objective, Format, etc

In Pressboard, Users can easily observe the performance of their campaigns as a whole but can also dive deeper into an individual story's metrics as well as any data sources added to those stories such as Facebook Posts, Google Ads, Instagram and more

The next stage in the evolution of Pressboard's reporting capabilities is giving Users control over how easily and how often they can produce benchmarks from a birds eye view i.e.:

Benchmark averages across several (if not hundreds of) campaigns all at once, over any period of time and even filtered down by specific dimensions such as Content Type (Article / Video), Vertical or Category (Health & Wellness, Financial, Automotive) and so on.

With Labels, the possibilties are infinite. In preparation for the Data Explorer feature, which is scheduled for release at end of Q1, 2021, Pressboard has created the ability for Users to begin actively and retro-actively tagging their campaign's stories with Labels

Please watch the demonstration video below for more details on how to go about adding Labels to your stories.

Optimal viewing tips: Watch in Full-Screen mode and click the 'gear' icon in the bottom right of the video options bar and choose 1.25x or 1.5x Playback speed.



Pressboard recommends one User be assigned as the initial creator of all internally agreed upon Label 'Names' and their corresponding 'Values'. This approach from the onset ensures that all Users moving forward have access to a drop-down list of approved Labels, avoiding any chance of duplication or deviation from approved Labels. 

Please reach out to us via chat or email if you have any questions about this feature or would like to discuss how to go about using Labels in preparation for the Data Explorer feature. 

We welcome any additional feedback you may have, as well. 

Thank you,

Pressboard Team