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Notifications on campaign activity

Notifications are a crucial tool for enabling efficient communication and collaboration. Here's an outline of how users can stay informed on campaign activities.

What type of notifications are available?

Our notifications come in the form of an email sent directly to the Owner or Collaborator of any campaign in Pressboard. The role of owner is automatically assigned to the user who creates a campaign or be assigned by another campaign member with the role of owner. More here on campaign member roles. 

When campaign members receive notifications: 

  • 🗣️ Comments: when comments are posted in the Brief tab of a campaign which acts as a sort of message board. To make a comment and have access to the Brief tab, the campaign member must be either Owner or Collaborator.
  • 📕Published Content: when new reports are added to the campaign 
  • 👩 Added to Campaign: user will be notified when they are added to a campaign 

What do notifications include? 

Information about the type of action taken (included in subject line of email), the name of the Campaign where the action was taken as well as a login link to the account. 

Example 1: Comment 

Requirements to keep in mind: 

Users must be added to the campaign as either Owner or Collaborator in order to have access to the Brief tab, add comments and receive all notifications. 

Only campaign Owners haver the permission to add additional members to the campaign and assign roles.