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Pressboard Links

Use Pressboard Links to track and report on link click activity on any hyperlink, across any environment.

[UPDATED 08/31/20]

Previously, this feature was referred to as Trackable URLs in Pressboard. Trackable URLs functioned exclusively on article pages which loaded Pressboard's proprietary javascript.

Now, Pressboard Links have evolved to not only capture audience click activity on outbound hyperlinks within a branded content environment, but, further upgraded to allow Users to track link clicks occurring in virtually any other environment.

Some examples of non-article environments include: Newsletter, Native ad and even Social post click-thrus.

Pressboard Links now also provide deeper insights into link click activity such as breaking down Total and Unique Clicks over time, Locations, Traffic Sources and Devices. These results can be reviewed in the internal Pressboard Links dashboard AND added as individual Custom Report components

To learn how to use Pressboard Links, you can watch the how-to tutorial video below or read through text based instructions (with screenshots), further below: 


Read on to learn how to set-up and report with Pressboard Links.

  1. In any Story's Reports area, under the Pressboard Links section (second after Pressboard Analytics), click ‘Add Link’
  2. Assign a descriptive Name to this link and paste the original destination/click-through URL of the link into the Link section. Tip: Use a naming convention that makes it easy for you and/or report viewers to reference which page or destination you linked to or from
  3. Click ‘Add’ in the top-right corner of the page to save your work

4. Once you have created all your Pressboard Links, highlight and copy (CTRL+ C) each Pressboard link ("adserver.pressboard" as seen under Pressboard Links area) into a document or directly into your CMS as the new destination URLs for hyperlinks where applicable in the story or as the click-thru URL in other enviroments such as Newsletter, Native ads, Social posts, etc.

5. And you're done! Pressboard Links begin tracking clicks on them the moment they are created in the platform. It is recommended to conduct click-thru testing after the Pressboard Link has been implemented in the desired environment. Tip: Pressboard Links can be edited even after they have been created. You do NOT need to create new links should a destination URL change part-way through a campaign unless you would like to track and report clicks to the updated destination URL, separately. In that case, follow steps 1- 4 above to create a new Pressboard Link for tracking. 

6. To add Pressboard Links results to a Custom Report, simply create a new Custom Report and choose either Pressboard Link Clicks as a Highlight at the top of your report and/or select Pressboard Links, Pressboard Link Clicks (timeline), Pressboard Link Locations, Pressboard Link Traffic Sources or Pressboard Link Devices as your Report Components. 

NOTE: Due to Pressboard Links tracking clicks in any environment, the CTR % metric previously available with Trackable URLs is now obsolete. CTR % will only be available on stories measured in Pressboard prior to Aug 31st, 2020. CTR % on Pressboard Links can be calculated manually using a simple formula: Take your Total # of Clicks and divide by # of Total Reads. Multiply the result by 100 to get your CTR %.

Example: An article receives 1,000 Pressboard Reads and 125 Pressboard Link clicks. The CTR % on story based link clicks is 12.5% (125 / 1000 * 100). 


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