Removal of 1:1 post restriction

This article addresses the default logic when adding reports to campaigns, account level settings for Pressboard Analytics and other nuances.

This documentation pertains to a 2024-01 platform release. 

Default logic behind adding reports to Campaigns: 

  • Reports can be added more than once across campaigns.
  • This logic does not apply to adding reports more than once to unique Stories within the same campaign.
  • When selecting line items/posts in the campaign workflow, line items will be displayed "greyed out" that have already been added to the campaign, preventing the user from selecting them again making it clear which items have already been added to the campaign.  

Pressboard Analytics Content URLs

  • Users are required to enable this logic for Pressboard Analytics reports specifically; the default logic excludes this data source due to a dependency on tag management and sponsored footers. 
  • As a result, once enabled, users forgo the assets capability - adding 3rd party pixels and footers to articles - this action is irreversible.

Step-by-Step to enable Analytics Only 

  • As a first step, go to Settings > Organisation and on the Details panel scroll down to the Sponsorship and Tracking toggle. Disable the feature: 
  • Go to > Settings > Data Sources and filter by "Pressboard Analytics". Your javascript settings will display this option to enable "Analytics Only"

  • Message will be updated to what reads below: 

Campaign x Stories x Reports

The type of campaign structure you can achieve, specifically in relation to Content URLs for Pressboard Analytics once the account level setting is actioned (as outlined above).