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Getting Started with Custom Reports

Everything you need to know about building client-facing 'Share URL' reports in the Custom Report module and how you can make wrap reports a breeze.

Best Practices 🌻


No need to create the same reports time and time again. Templates offer a way to standardise ways of working and save you time especially if some metrics and components are consistent between reports being created on a frequent basis.  Create 1 x Template for each use case. 


Add flair and colour with a cover image and logo. Include text in the summary box with any important campaign information or highlights to call out. 

Generate a 'Share URL'

Circulate a public link to the the complete Custom Report with anyone externally. 

Re-name components for clarity

Update the name of components in line with naming conventions for consistency. 

Apply Filters 

Isolate the results of a component to specific criteria based on Date Range, Post and anything pertaining to the data source, ie. Line Item, UTM, Creative Name etc. 

📍 frequently used filters and names applied to components can be added directly to your Template.

Report Components 📊

Number & Chart Widgets 

The standard format of Custom Reports includes up to 4 ‘highlight’ metrics across the top followed by components that are composed of chart widgets (Table, Line, Bar, Pie, Pivot)

📍Learn more about the 'data admin' permission and how you can create report components specific to your reporting use cases.  

Custom Component

This is a 'catch all' type component useful for inserting extraneous information including images/screenshots, commentary and external reporting data. Some use cases include, providing relevant historical 'benchmarks', metrics 'definitions', commentary and/or data from another amplification channel. 

Inspiration 🏞️

'Share URL' Reports

These sample reports demonstrate the types of 'Share URL' reports you can build for your clients or for your content business stakeholders: 

Display Only Campaign Example: New York Times + Intuit

Branded Content Report: USAToday + Destination British Columbia

Paid Social Campaign: Narcity Media + Old Navy

Affiliate Program Report: Glacier Media + Multiple Merchants

'Share Summary URL' Reports

For all custom reports that contain native content URLs, create a snapshot of performance, including up to 4 x highlight metrics and full page screenshot of the article content. This is a great way to show off content while also giving clients a look at the performance metrics they care about most.

As the recipient scrolls down the page, your selected metrics will show up in the left and right margins.