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Custom Export Templates

This article provides a brief overview of an advanced set of capabilities for exporting raw data from your Pressboard campaigns.

This documentation pertains to a 2024-05 platform release. 

In many cases, users may want to provide raw data formatted a certain way to satisfy a broader reporting objective set by an advertiser, external agency partner or other stakeholders. Export Templates provide a way to package up and standardise the layout of campaign data to better match these requirements and scale. 

The core benefits of this workflow:

  • define the metrics and dimensions for each data source in a widget, add up to 10 to a template
  • export data directly from your campaign/s using saved templates into Excel Spreadsheet
  • spend less time formatting raw data thanks to customised views for each data set

Best Practices:

Each Template is composed of a series of (up to 10) Widgets and each widget represents a data source/report type. If your sponsored content campaign extends across 3 report types - Pressboard Analytics, Google Ad Manager, Instagram Post - you may need three widgets, one for each.  

A widget is a slice of reporting data for a data source; let's take the example below for Facebook Ad Sets

Steps to create Export Templates:

  1. Navigate to Export Templates in main menu 
  2. Select "New Export" to start workflow 

  3. Complete Name and/or Description fields 
  4. Notice that the Widgets repository reflects any already saved widgets saved in Widgets & Dashboards or Report Components 
  5. Proceed to either add Widget/s from the repository or create a new Widget
  6. Save your template after at least one widget is added 

Nuances to note:

The only chart type you can apply in the widget builder is Table 

Legacy & Custom Exports 

Notice there are two options for exporting raw data, selectable from the Campaign burger menu (in Campaigns UI).


Legacy Exports are pre-formatted sheets, allowing users to export the rawest form of campaign lifetime data, structured by preset dimensions and metrics and organised into tabs, one for each report type. Each sheet includes additional dimensions including OrgID, CampaignId StoryId, StoryName etc. all pertaining to Pressboard. Users are able to pivot and restructure the data as needed. 

Custom Exports are an alternative to Legacy Exports, allowing users to select purposely designed Export Templates (see above) for their selected Campaign/Stories. 

After selecting this option, Stories in the Campaign and Templates will auto populate. The "New Template" option initiates the creation workflow.