How to get campaign data from partners and influencers

There are two ways for you to access the data on your sponsored content campaigns. It all depends on if the media partner/influencer has a Pressboard subscription themselves or not

The first step is to ask your partner "Do you have a Pressboard account".


Option A - If the answer is "YES": You simply ask them to share the campaign report with you through Pressboard. They will need your email your Pressboard Studio account URL: (ie.

Current Pressboard subscribers in Canada include;

  • Globe and Mail
  • Glacier Media
  • Narcity
  • St. Joseph Media
  • Redpoint Media (Avenue Magazine)
  • Toronto Star
  • Other US, Canadian and International publishers

Available analytics: All Analytics (depending on Publisher/Influencer setup)


Option B - If the answer is "NO": Good news, you can still get Pressboard Analytics data on the content. You will just send them your Pressboard code (JavaScript) instructions and then you will create the Campaign and Story report in your own Pressboard Studio account and add the URL of the article(s) once live.

NOTE: Make sure to confirm with your publisher that they have properly placed the code on the sponsored pages BEFORE the content goes live. Pressboard Analytics can only capture data once the code has been placed on the page.

Available Analytics: Pressboard Analytics



For influencers – Since influencers are primarily sharing their content on social media (not articles on websites), we provide them with a free Pressboard account for their reporting. This allows them to include social posts, stories and paid social boosting in their reporting.

The Pressboard team will help your influencers get setup with an account, create their campaign reports and share them with you through your Pressboard Studio account. It's the same process as Option A above.