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Platform Update - September 2021

Goal Tracking, Label Management, manual data refresh & more! Please carefully read through and watch the videos in this article to understand all these latest updates to Pressboard Studio

Below is a summary of updates to Pressboard Studio, all available starting September 14th, 2021:

  • Goal tracking:
    Ability to add filters and apply multiple metrics to be tracked at the same time in relation to a particular story. Pacing indicators (by colour) are automatically applied to chosen goal tracking metrics based on even distribution throughout your Campaign's overall timeline in Pressboard. Please review the video demonstration below. 
  • Label management:
    Admins can now create a set of required Label Names (ensuring they're added when any story is created), manage the creation of NEW Labels or update the names of EXISTING Label Names & Values. Admins can also restrict creation of new Labels to only occur in the Admin Settings area. Please review the video below.
  • Data refresh button (manual):
    All applicable data sources now include the ability to manually call for fresh data (where/when available) by clicking the 'Refresh' icon / button at the data source level of a story (Reports tab). Click here to view the standard times at which Data Sources are refreshed automatically.

Manual data refresh buttons

  • Cover Image & Descriptions now exporting to PowerPoint export:
    As introduced in the latest changes to Custom Reports, Cover Images and Descriptions will now also be exported to a .PPT generated by a Custom Report.

  • "Property", "Product" & "Pricing Packages":
    "Property" creation and management has moved from the left-hand navigation, to it's own area in Admin Settings, under "Organization". Similarly, "Product" & "Pricing Packages" (in relation to Media Kits) have been moved to this same area. Please see screenshot below. 

Property, Product & Pricing Packages moved to Settings

Thank you for taking the time to catch-up on the latest & greatest Pressboard has to offer. We hope you'll enjoy using these features!

As always, please reach out to your Pressboard rep if you have questions or would like a hands-on training session or review of the platform. 

Thank you,

Pressboard Team