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External Data Sources; Missing or incomplete data

Here are some easy ways to trouble-shoot and resolve missing or incomplete External Data sources in your campaign

The following is a list of external channels/data sources that are currently available as reporting integrations in Pressboard Studio

  • Google Analytics
  • MOAT
  • Facebook Share posts & Instagram Posts & Story reporting (organic)
  • Facebook Ad Accounts (including Instagam dark posts & stories)
  • Google Ads Manager 
  • YouTube Video
  • Twitter (organic) 
  • Polar (social) - Separate set-up required
  • Nativo (native ads) - Separate set-up required
  • AdMedia (display media) - Separate set-up required

In order to utilize any of these integrations, they must each be added as a Data Source to your account. Once appropriate permissions are given by Users who are Admins in both Pressboard Studio and in the external platform and connections are established, reporting can be activated at the campaign/story level. Polar, Nativo and AdMedia are special cases where Pressboard's Product team must be involved in the set-up. 


If you're finding that data is coming through to your dashboard but not matching what is reported in the native platform (Example: 100,000 impressions in Facebook Analytics area in Pressboard Studio but 120,000 impressions in Facebook itself), it is likely due to the one of the following reasons: 

  • The connection is working but campaign Start & End dates are incorrect and/or the platform has not (yet) called for the latest data
  • The connection is expired
  • The data doesn't exist usually indicating that there is an issue in the native platform itself
  • Outdated API token and/or API itself is compromised


Adjust your dates to widen the window from which data will be visualized and re-initiate the data pull. For example, after adjusting campaign dates, an article URL will need to be re-added to the Google Analytics area of the reporting dashboard in order to trigger a fresh call for the data based on new dates. Facebook share post will need to be re-added to the Facebook Analytics area, etc. 

Here is the schedule of when our platform calls for data, broken out by each respective integration: 

  • Google Analytics data: Daily at 10pm PST/1am EST
  • Google Ads Manager data: Daily at 4:30am PST/7:30am EST
  • MOAT: Daily at 4pm PST/7pm EST
  • FB Posts (organic) Once per day at 1:30am PST/4:30am EST 
  • FB Ad Accounts (FB/IG dark posts) Once per day at 5:15AM EST 
  • IG Posts (organic): Once per day at 8PM EST 
  • IG Story Insights (organic): 24 hours after publish time (when story expires) 
  • YouTube Video: Once per day at 5pm PST/8pm EST 
  • Polar: Once per day at 4pm PST/7pm EST 
  • Nativo: Once per day at 5pm PST/8pm EST 
  • AdMedia: Once per day at 4am PST/7am EST

Note: Data for posts or URLs that have been re-added after a campaign date adjustment will only be updated at the times mentioned above. Posts/URLs added for the first time will pull data almost immediately (where there IS data available and where applicable). For example: Instagram Story's can be added to the reporting dashboard an hour after publishing in Intagram but the results for the Story(s) will only become available 24 hours after publish time.


If a particular channels' connection expires, the platform will likely impede you from adding a post or URL for measurement to begin with. To double check if a connection is expired and to re-establish the connection, head to Admin Settings > Data Sources.


From time to time, there may be an issue within the native platform from which Pressboard Studio is calling for data. In these cases, Pressboard will investigate further but cannot guarantee a resolution. After all, if the data does not exist, there's no results to visualize in your dashboard. 

Example: In Facebook, if your post is deemed as conflicting with Facebook's guidelines, it may get automatically deleted. Even if the post ran for a period of time and collected some level of engagement, it's possible and likely that due to deletion of the post by Facebook, the associated data may also have been deleted. 


Please inform your Pressboard contact if you know or suspect your API token (for Polar, Nativo, AdMedia) is about to expire or has expired. 

If you've checked that your external data source is not exhibiting any of the issues identified above and continues to present missing or incomplete data (or no data at all) please reach out to our Customer Support team using the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of the platform. 

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