Adding External Data Sources (updated)

A guide on connecting all the data sources you need for branded content within your account.


Which external data sources does Pressboard support?

Refer to What We Measure for more information about the Data Sources we currently support.

Where can I find Data Sources? 

Navigate to your user profile (top-right), go to 'Settings' from the drop-down menu and click on the 'Data Sources' tab.

What do I need to add Data Sources?

You must have an appropriate level of permissions and access to credentials for each external platform (log in). You must ensure that you have been assigned the ‘Admin’ user role to access the Data Sources panel in your Pressboard account.

Do all connections require logins?

With the exception of a few, including, Polar Media Voice, Responsive Ads, SeenThis and Spaceback, a log in is required to finalise connections. You will be prompted with a message to "contact your customer support representative" in cases where any backend setup in needed to receive data.