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Pressboard Analytics Custom Events

Track custom on-page events via Pressboard Analytics javascript to enhance campaign reporting. All you need to know...


You might already be familiar with tracking interactions that keep your audience engaged with your content and do not redirect them to another domain. Previously our javascript was set up track clicks on outbound links automatically (hyperlink or other target elements) but not capture engagements on other interactive elements and modals.

The option to report on such custom events was limited to Google Analytics, Ceros and other third party integrations but this is no longer the case and we've released support for publishers to be able to extract these same insights using Pressboard Analytics! 

How should we be deciding what to actually populate for event values? 

We recommend you use it exactly how you currently use Google Analytics custom events (if applicable). If you are not familiar with it, but know generally what you want to track and report on, we can do a discovery session and help you utilize Pressboard Custom Events. 

Is any implementation needed? 

Yes, if our javascript is already firing on your sponsored content pages, additional code can be placed to start measuring clicks on event types you wish to track on your pages. You will want to involve your web development team at this point. 

To start sending Pressboard your events, provide the below snippet to your team to implement: 
pbq('send', 'event', { 'category': 'Test category', 'action': 'Test action', 
'label': 'Test label', 'object': { 'value': 1 } })

The script is best implemented in the <head> section of the HTML page. Once that's done, the aforementioned code snippet can be executed any time you want to record a custom event. This can be implemented exactly how might currently use Google Analytics to collect custom events.

How can we test to verify the script is working as intended on a page? Can we verify using DevTools and console logs? 

Yes, in the network calls, you can filter by studiostack and look for requests to custom-event, and view the response and payload. 

What does reporting on custom events look like? 

These events will show up in your Pressboard Analytics reports and can be included in Custom Reports.

To get started, you can create a 'table' report component containing the following dimensions (fields), listed under Pressboard Analytics Custom Events alongside measures Event Count etc.





Event Count: the total number of events for the profile, across all categories i.e clicks, hovers etc.

Value Total: the total number of events for the profile, across all categories

Value Average:
the average value of an event.