Pressboard Analytics User Interactions Tracking

We answer the most frequently asked questions about the types of interactions our script measures on your web pages.


Refer to this guide in addition to our guide on Implementing Pressboard Analytics JavaScript and Custom Events

Anchor elements

Where you may have hyperlinks linking to different content sections of a landing page (denoted by the # has symbol in the URL), our JavaScript will not be able to detect these interactions automatically as links that are clicked on.

As a solution, we advise implementing custom events via the javascript to capture interactions on the page like this. Refer to this documentation for more details.

Scrolling Behaviour 

Our JavaScript can only measure vertical scrolling currently. We determine the total height of the page in relation to wherever the scroll depth <div> tag is placed on your web pages. Vertical scrolling is generally the web standard for content consumption in browsers across web / mobile / tablet. When it comes to horizontal scrolling, the style of content tends to be interactive or bespoke in some way (like flipping pages, in a carousel, etc), meaning it's usually created on CMS software (Ceros for example). 

For web pages that visually appear to scroll both vertically AND horizontally, our script will still detect vertical scrolling behaviour, as reaching the bottom of the content ultimately requires users to scroll "down". During any phase of horizontal scrolling on the page, the user's scroll depth, in relation to page height, doesn't change. Essentially, whenever it appears the content is scrolling horizontally, our attention-events are still referencing the height of the page to determine where the user is in their scrolling journey. 

Custom Events

Our events tracking can help measure specific interactions on your web pages. You can use this level of tracking to listen for user actions you deem to be valuable i.e clicks a link, button clicks, starts playing a video. The full write up, including code instructions can be found in this guide.

Some dimensions and metrics you can then start to include in reports incorporating Pressboard Analytics include: 

Dimension What it is
Event Action name the type of event or interaction you want to measure for a particular web object i.e "Play" button clicks
Event Category a name supplied as a way to group objects that you want to analyze.
Event Label provide additional information for events, along with Action and Category
Metric What it is
Event Count

the total number of interactions with a targeted web-page object.

Event Value Total an integer used to assign a numerical value to a page object i.e monetary value
Event Value Average  the average value for the Category