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Verifying Data Sources

Here are some simple steps to follow once you have a Data Source hooked up to Pressboard.

How do I verify the correct data is now flowing in?

The 'best' and only way to do this is to create a Campaign > Story and add a Report for the Data Source in question.

Steps to follow: 

Take the example of adding a Google Analytics report to a Campaign > Story

  1. Create ' New Campaign'
  2. Complete required details; Campaign Name, Start/End dates and 'Add' your Campaign. 
  3. Add a 'Story'
  4. Complete required details; select your 'Property', 'Title' and ' Add' 
  5. 'Add Report' by selecting 'Content URL'

  6. Proceed to add a Post URL i.e article webpage to be tracked and Google Analytics database.
  7. Allow up to 10 mins for the first sync to complete. This will be based on the Start/End dates of the Campaign. 
  8. Compare synced data to what you see in the external platform (Google Analytics). 
  9. There are a few things you’ll want to check in both reporting views. Firstly, whether you are reporting on the same entity, that your campaign dates match and any applied filters are removed. If the variance is noticeable, usually >15% you can raise a query with your customer success manager.