The Foundry - Pressboard Content Audit Setup

Instructions and video recording from Feb 26 2021 session


The Foundry will be participating in Pressboard's Content Audit. The purpose of the audit is to provide The Foundry with insights and benchmarks for their branded content programs.


The Foundry will be adding all branded content campaigns that they would like to include as part of the audit to their Pressboard Studio account.

Pressboard will assist with onboarding, provide the Pressboard Studio account at no charge for 30 days, and will compile the Content Audit Report.


Step 1: Data connections

  1. Connect your external data sources (your ad accounts, social accounts, analytics providers etc.)
  2. Add the Pressboard code to your content pages to get proprietary Pressboard Analytics. NOTE: Pressboard Analytics can only begin to be analyzed once the code has been placed on the desired pages/templates

Step 2: Add Your Campaigns / Stories / Posts

  1. Create Campaigns and add Stories and Posts

Here is a video recording showing how to do this step


  • Does it have to be a live campaign or can it be a campaign that has already ended?

As long as the data connections are connected you can retroactively pull in data for past campaigns.

NOTE 1: For Pressboard Analytics the data can be accessed as of the date the Javascript was placed on the desired pages/templates.

NOTE 2: For Pressboard Trackable Links the clicks are captured as of the date the trackable URL was added to the articles as hyperlinks.

NOTE 3: Make sure your start date and end dates for the campaign include all the dates you are looking to pull in data for.

  • What types of content can be measured?

You can review the various metrics available here: What We Measure

  • What types of outputs on content measurement will we see or can we expect?

See above re metrics. As for reporting exports, reports can be exported as csv files, PowerPoint or as a shareable URL

  • Can social content be measured?

Yes, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter can all be measured through Pressboard Studio

  • Can video content be measured?  If so, does it need to live on a landing page or can promo units (NVUs) be measured?

Yes, video that appears natively on social networks mentioned above, or as YouTube/Facebook Video embeds on a webpage can all be measured. For proprietary/custom video systems we can review the integrations and provide feedback on the feasibility.

  • Do you need campaign descriptions and flight dates or only links?

Campaign descriptions can be added in the setup process, but are not required. View the video recording for more details on how to add campaigns to Pressboard Studio

  • Can you confirm what we are auditing FOR so that we can best choose the examples? (e.g. Are you looking at number of hyperlinks? Length of copy? Number of images? Quality of headlines?)

We are primarily auditing for the performance of the content and comparison to industry-wide benchmarks (see Pressboard Branded Content Benchmark Report).

The more content you add to your Pressbaord Studio account, the more data we will have to analyze. We also highly recommend adding Labels to your stories so that the analysis can be drilled down to criteria such as Industry, Content Type, Market, Client etc. Here is more information on Labels

  • Are the audit results designed to reveal how the content could have been improved from your perspective?

Yes, our team will provide insights into how content and promotion of content could be adjusted to provide better performance. We will also provide areas where your content overperforms compared to the industry